New Challenge

3D Printing Challenge

May 29 - June 19, 2017

We're asking for your imagination to create 3D printed product innovations that aim to remove barriers to quality of life. Winning solutions will focus on affordability, accessibility and convenience.


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Joule Innovation Grants

The 2017 grant application process is now closed.

Thank you to all applicants for their submissions.

Applicants will be notified in mid-May if they are selected to proceed to the final stage of the application process, which includes the completion of a written application.

There are five annual Joule Innovation grants available ― four $25,000 grants and one $50,000 grant. In addition to funding, grant recipients can benefit from access to mentors and potential investors, recognition from the CMA and Joule as a leader in innovation and exposure to over 85,000 CMA members.

Early-Stage Innovators

Two $25,000 grants available

This category is open to early-stage initiatives with some seed funding, no or minimal revenue, a credible business model and proven feasibility.

Later-Stage Innovators

Two grants available: one $50,000 and one $25,000

This category is reserved for established initiatives that have begun to assemble a team, have some seed funding and are in market with a proven sustainable revenue stream.

Social Innovations

One $25,000 grant available

This category is exclusively for an initiative that addresses a societal problem in a more effective, efficient or sustainable manner than the status quo, and for which the value created accrues primarily to healthcare as a whole rather than private individuals or organizations.

About Joule

Joule™, the CMA’s newest company, is dedicated to making it easier for CMA members to be at their best. Whether you are searching for the best evidence to support your clinical decision-making, seeking accredited courses to develop your skills as a physician leader or looking to apply for a grant to advance your healthcare innovation, Joule provides products and services that are focused on your continued success.

JouleTM - know us for our curiosity, as a catalyst for physician-led innovation, and for our ability to create connections.

We believe that when we build ideas together, great things happen.

Meet the council

Dr. Joshua Liu, Chair

Dr. Jeeshan Chowdhury

Dr. Mark Dermer

Dr. Breanne Everett

Dr. Alain Larouche

Dr. Linda Maxwell

Dr. William Parker

Dr. Tatiana Rac

Dr. Abdo Shabah

Mr. Luc Sirois

Ms. Caroline Somers

Mr. Rob White