9 grants totaling $200,000 in flexible funding

We are thrilled to announce an enhanced granting program that includes an increase in both the number of grants and granting envelope available to CMA members.  We are also happy to introduce a new grant opportunity for medical students and residents.

Which category works for you?

When applying, you will answer a short questionnaire that will determine which of three grant categories you may apply for. 

Early-stage innovations
(2 grants of $25,000)

Open to early-stage ideas that have a credible business model and proven feasibility; that have secured less than $500,000 in seed funding; that have less than $100,000 in annual revenue generated; and have less than 3 full-time employees. Seed-funding and revenue-generated does NOT include Research & Development funding or grant funding of any kind. These submissions may include product, service, technology or other innovations. Later stage and social innovation initiatives are not eligible.    

Later-stage innovations
(1 grant of $25,000 and one of $80,000)

This category is reserved for established initiatives—ones well on their way to building a successful business. These submissions have received seed funding greater than $500,000; are generating more than $100,000 in annual revenue; and have more than 3 full-time employees. Seed-funding and revenue-generated does NOT include Research & Development funding or grant funding of any kind. Initiatives may include a product, service, technology or other innovations. Early stage and social initiatives are not eligible.

Social innovations
(1 grant of $25,000)

Open to early or later stage initiatives that address a societal problem in a manner that improves the status quo, and for which the primary value created is to health care as a whole. Applicants MUST be part of a not-for-profit initiative. Initiatives may include a product, service, process and/or  model of care.

NEW! Student and Resident grants
(4 grants of $5,000)

At Joule, we know that medical students and residents have no shortage of ideas—just time and money. All medical students and residents who do not receive an early-stage, late-stage or social innovation grant will be automatically assessed and the top applicants will be awarded one of four $5,000 grants—two to be awarded to students and two to residents.        

Evaluation and weighting

The Joule Innovation Council —an amazing team of physician innovators and skilled business leaders— will evaluate all grant applications on four criteria.

Degree of Disruption
and transformation of
current health care

Relevance (30%)
to Joule's brand and
helping physicians be at
their best

Health care benefits
that improves people's lives


Scalability (25%)
potential, especially beyond Canada

Need a nudge?

Check out our past grant recipients for inspiration. Think being selected is a long-shot? So did they. Remember, we regret most what we don’t do. 

It's so easy

The first stage of applying is a short questionnaire and a 90-second video. If you use the tips and tricks and other tools below, it should take you roughly 5 minutes. Later, if you’re short-listed, you will need to complete a longer 20- question application.

When was the last time, 5 minutes had the potential to earn you $80,000?
You can’t argue with that logic.

Get started now

Our grant program is only open from April 20-June 1 at midnight. Don’t leave this on your to-do list for too long—gather your thoughts and apply.

Check out our FAQs, tips and tricks and sample videos to help you prepare.

Meet our Joule Innovation Council

The council is composed of a team of physician innovators with a range of practice and business experience and as business leaders who are experts in marketing, finance, venture capital, product development and health policy.

The Council provides guidance to Joule, support to physician innovators and is responsible for the selection of grant recipients. 

Individual Bios