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Joule understands that physicians play many roles—practicing physician, leader, and sometimes, entrepreneur. We believe that physicians are in unique positions to innovate and we support them every step of the way. Our podcasts feature thought-provoking conversations with physician entrepreneurs, experts in innovation and more. We invite you to take some time and be inspired.

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The opinions stated by podcast participants are made in a personal capacity and do not reflect those of the Canadian Medical Association and its subsidiaries including Joule. Joule does not endorse any views, product, service, association, company or industry mentioned in this podcast. Feel passionate about physician-led innovation? Please connect with us at to share your thoughts in a future podcast.

From mathematics to medicine—the amazing things that happen when multiple disciplines collide

One of Joule’s 2016 Innovation grant recipients Dr. Julielynn Wong is joined by Dr. Eitan Prisman, one Joule’s Innovation grant recipients in 2017 and creator of the Virtual Preoperaperative Recontruction Platform (ViPRE).  Drs. Wong and Prisman discuss the amazing things that can happen when multiple disciplines—like mathematics and medicine—come together towards transformative solutions. Hear about the impact 3D printing has on patient care and how it can help the precision of surgical outcomes.

Running time: 31:44

POEMs—Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters

Dr. Mark Ebell and Dr. Roland Grad speak about POEMs by Essential Evidence Plus. If you’re a fan of POEMs, you won’t want to miss this discussion about the process behind this much valued product, or what lies ahead.

Running time: 18:13

The true meaning of patient-centred care

Physician Leadership Institute faculty Dr. Michael Gardam and Judith John discuss patient-centred care –how for physicians, patients have always been front and centre--and why this movement holds such promise for better health care in Canada.

Running time: 22:52

Caring for marginalized patients

Nancy Crain is joined by Dr. Dennis DiValentino, one of 2017’s Joule Innovation grant recipients for RAMCare—remote care for homeless and marginalized patients through the use of high-res video and Bluetooth enabled devices. Today, Ms. Crain and Dr. DiValentino discuss the journey from physician to physician-innovator, the importance of connections and why Dr. DiValentino chose this path.

Running time: 23:36

Creating affordable and supportive housing strategies for seniors

Seniors care is one of the CMA’s most pressing issues, and the CMA has responded by setting up to enable citizens to press our government to develop a national seniors strategy. We’re joined by Dr. John Joanisse, Dr. Clare Liddy and Amy Porteous from the Bruyère Continuing Care Centre in Ottawa to talk about innovation in seniors care, notably the development of solutions designed to provide appropriate and affordable housing for our seniors.

Running time: 28:14

How a lifelong journey of innovation led to the Pacey Cuff

Joule innovation Council member Dr. Joshua Liu is joined by Dr. Jack Pacey, one of this year’s recipients of the Joule innovation grant and creator of the Pacey Cuff, a urethral control device.  Drs Liu and Pacey, a self-proclaimed innovator with “inventor disease” will discuss the journey from physician to physician-innovator, and why Dr. Pacey chose this path.

Running time: 28:49

The important role physicians play in road safety

Driver’s Guide editor Dr. Jamie Dow joins Dr. Jeff Blackmer, Vice President of Medical Professionalism at the Canadian Medical Association, in a discussion about the Driver’s Guide—why it’s important that physicians take their patient’s capacity to drive seriously and how the Guide can help support these difficult conversations.

Running time: 23:46

Think Limitless—Next generation physicians reflect on TEDMED experience

Joule CEO Lindee David sits down with medical student Christina Schweitzer, also VP Communications for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students and with medical resident Dr. Franco Rizutti to get their impressions of TEDMED but also to discuss the tremendous potential this partnership holds for all CMA members, Canadian physicians as well as the Canadian health care system.

Running time: 26:21

There's always a better way

Joule board member Dr. Ewan Affleck is joined by Dr. Wey Leong, one of this year’s recipients of the Joule innovation grant for his innovation, Refilx. Today, Drs. Affleck and Leong will discuss the journey from physician to physician-innovator and why Dr. Leong chose this path.

Running time: 20:40

Why the Canadian Certified Physician Executive Credential is more than just a Certificate

Past recipient of the Canadian Certified Physician Executive credential (or CCPE), Dr. Gillian Kernaghan is joined by Dr. William Sisheck, one of this year’s recipients. Today, Drs. Kernagan and Sischek will discuss what brought them to apply for CCPE and how the credential is helping to shape their careers.

Running time: 17:10

CMA 2020—a grassroots movement

Canadian Medical Association board chair Dr. Brian Brodie joins Nancy Crain, Chief Social Innovation Officer at Joule, to speak about the CMA’s new strategic plan: CMA 2020. Today, Dr. Brodie will discuss what led CMA to this change and the positive impact it will have on physicians and patients alike.

Running time: 16:23

Not using the point of care tools provided with CMA membership? Dr. Bezanson changes your mind

Emergency Medicine Resident Dr. Joshua Bezanson joins Joule Librarian, Renee de Gannes Marshall, in a discussion about point of care tools—how he uses them and their benefits to him and his patients.

Running time: 19:08

Innovation opportunities in Canada’s health care system – the opportunities are endless

World Health Innovation Network Academic chair Dr. Anne Snowdon joins Lindee David, Joule CEO to speak about health care innovation and the opportunities available to deliver real system improvements.

Running time: 26:42

From tragedy to inspiration—one physician’s innovation journey

Steve Mortimer, Joule’s Vice-President of Business Development and Dr. Denis Vincent, Joule Innovation grant recipient discusses collaboration and the power of networks and community.

Running time: 13:37

Joule Innovation podcast - Collaboration - making great things happen

Tamara Mason, Director of Communications at Joule, and Dr. Jacob Jaremko, a musculoskeletal radiologist and founder of CUDL (Collaborative Ultrasound Deep Learning) will discuss how collaboration took CUDL from a great idea to an even better reality. 

Running time: 15:05

Joule Innovation podcast— Doing more with less—the art of delegation and making one’s self obsolete (so-to-speak)

Dr. Stephen Pomedli, family physician and co-founder of ConsultLoop; and Dr. Doug Kavanagh, family physician and Medical Director and Co-founder of CognisantMD discuss why it’s important to begin to automate some processes and why this shift shouldn’t be feared.

Running time: 28:27

Joule Innovation podcast—The long roots of inspiration—from why I became a physician to how it led me to find better ways of treating patients with Steve Mortimer and Dr. Yanick Beaulieu

Steve Mortimer, Vice-President of Business Development at Joule and Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, a Montreal cardiologist and founder of REACTS (“Remote Education Augmented Communication, Training, Supervision”) discuss what inspired Dr. Beaulieu to become a cardiologist and how his time as a physician led him to found REACTS.

Running time: 20:06

Joule Innovation podcast— Medical Assistance in Dying—one physician’s perspective eight months later 

Dr. Jeff Blackmer, Vice President of Medical Professional at the Canadian Medical Association; and Dr. James Downar, an ICU physician in Toronto who also helped develop the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) curriculum for Joule and the CMA discuss Dr. Downar’s experience with MAiD and how this new mandate is playing out in his hospital.

Running time: 21:12

Joule Innovation podcast—The long roots of inspiration—from why I became a physician to how it led me to find better ways of treating patients with Luc Sirois and Dr. Yanick Beaulieu (podcast available in French only) 

Luc Sirois, leader and co-founder of the Hacking Health movement for collaborative innovation in healthcare and beyond; and Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, a Montreal cardiologist and founder of REACTS (“Remote Education Augmented Communication, Training, Supervision”) discuss what inspired Dr. Beaulieu to become a cardiologist and how his time as a physician led him to found REACTS.

Running time: 28:02

Joule Innovation podcast - From off the grid to outer space—how 3D printing of medical tools is changing healthcare and space exploration with Dr. Mark Dermer and Dr. Julielynn Wong

Dr. Mark Dermer, Ottawa family physician and member of the Joule Innovation Council; and Dr. Julielynn Wong, founder of 3D4MD and a 2016 Joule Innovation grant recipient discuss what inspired Dr. Wong to begin her journey as entrepreneur and what current problems can be solved with innovative ideas like 3D printing.

Running time: 26:34

Joule Innovation podcast—Commercialization—it needn’t be a dirty word with Dr. William Parker and Dr. Dale Podolsky

Dr. William Parker, a resident in radiology, former Chief Medical Officer for Salu Design Group and member of the Joule Innovation Council; and Dr. Dale Podolsky, an engineer and resident in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, founder of Simulare Medical Corp and a 2016 Joule Innovation grant recipient discuss both the medical profession’s traditional uneasiness with commercialization and the immense opportunity that the process holds to drive patient outcomes for the many. 

Running time: 28:49

Joule Innovation podcast - Ending our love affair with the fax machine with Dr. Mark Dermer, Dr. Michael Giuffre and Mr. Rohit Joshi

Dr. Mark Dermer, Ottawa family physician and member of the Joule Innovation Council, Mr. Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid and Dr. Michael Giuffre, a pediatric cardiologist and member of the board of directors for Brightsquid discuss the need to abandon outdated technology in healthcare and catch up with the rest of society by leveraging more efficient, private and secure forms of technology. The idea of change can be daunting; however it can be incremental, sustainable, and progressive. Hear about some exciting new advances being made here in Canada that can improve doctor to doctor communication and may fill your inbox with patient thank you notes.

Running time: 27:09

Joule Innovation podcast - Adapting the "hackathon" to help drive physician-led innovation with Luc Sirois and Dr. Denis Vincent (podcast available in French only)

Listen as Dr. Denis Vincent, Edmonton-based family physician and founder of ezReferral, and Luc Sirois, director and co-founder of Hacking Health, discuss the concept of "hackathons" and how we adapt this idea to the area of health care in order to improve patient care. Hackathons give physicians tools and a collaborative environment they can use to create innovative, meaningful and sustainable change. Be inspired by the experience that shook Dr. Vincent and how it led him to become an entrepreneur.

Running time: 23:10

Joule Innovation podcast - If at first you don’t succeed—tips from a physician entrepreneur on sticking with it—with Dr. Breanne Everett and Dr. Dennis Reich

Dr. Breanne Everett, CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies and member of the Joule Innovation Council sits down with Dr. Dennis Reich, a successful physician entrepreneur and technology consultant from Sudbury, Ontario, and gets his advice on how to navigate the often challenging and frustrating calling of physician disruptor. Hear about the importance of learning from those who have come before, seeking out contacts in differing sectors and above all, the virtue of patience.

Running time: 16:18

Joule Innovation podcast - Uncharted territory—Innovating from within the hospital system with Dr. Joshua Liu and Dr. Matt Bromwich

Dr. Joshua Liu co-founder and CEO of SeamlessMD and Dr. Matt Bromwich, ENT Surgeon, and Founder and CMO of Clearwater Clinical discuss the challenges physicians face when trying to innovate from within the hospital setting. Hear stories of how Dr. Bromwich started his entrepreneurial journey as a resident, building prototypes in his basement, to now developing mobile medical devices through his successful company, Clearwater Clinical. He addresses key challenges including lack of time and resources to innovate, low risk tolerance, conflict of interest, and competing priorities. In addition to his passion and self-professed stubbornness not to give up, Dr. Bromwich shares some integral tips to success including: start small, move quickly and think big. He also stresses that innovation is a team sport, so it’s essential to establish connections and support from within and from outside the hospital setting.

Running time: 25:51