Recognition for your commitment to leadership

In the complex and ever-changing field of health care, it takes significant commitment, effort and time to make leadership a priority. We believe this achievement deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Learn more about the PLI certificate and CCPE credential.

Physician leadership Institute (PLI) certificate

Every step you take in your leadership development counts. That’s why the Physician Leadership Institute has created a new certificate recognizing physicians that have taken courses to deepen their knowledge of fundamental leadership concepts, theories and skills.

Benefits of the PLI certificate

  • Demonstrates that you’ve acquired the knowledge you need to be an effective leader
  • Can be an asset as you progress into leadership positions
  • Can act as a stepping stone to CCPE

Requirements to apply

  • Completion of 5 PLI courses within the last 5 years*
  • Any course format applies: face-to-face, online and in-house
  • Be a CMA member in good standing. Not a member? Join

No deadline to apply – get your certificate any time

*Note: 2-day face-to-face courses (open enrollment or in-house) qualify; 1-day courses will be valued at 0.5 credit towards the certificate.

Canadian Certified Physician Executive Credential

“Physician leadership and getting the CCPE credential was a warm and welcome reminder of the great value that physicians bring forward as leaders in society. It has enhanced my energy and drive to be an even better leader in health, helping colleagues and society work harder towards optimal health for all.” – Dr. David Torr

The Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE) credential, a joint venture between Joule and the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL), recognizes and advances physician leadership and excellence through a national, peer-generated, standards-based assessment process.

How to earn the credential

Those who earn the credential have demonstrated that they have the leadership capabilities, knowledge and skills needed to succeed ― and to direct, influence and orchestrate change in Canada's complex health care system. There are two ways to achieve the credential.

How to apply

Once you have selected your chosen route, download and complete the appropriate forms below, including the 2017 Assessment form. You will be assessed through a peer-review process against a set of leadership capabilities. Eligibility criteria must also be met.

Download and complete these forms: 

2017 PLI-academic route application form  
2017 Practice eligibility route application form 
2017 Assessment form

These leadership capabilities are described in the widely endorsed LEADS in a Caring Environmental framework . Using this framework, a three-pronged approach to the leadership assessment is employed: physicians self-assess, their referees assess and a physician peer assessment panel assesses.

Choose and confirm three referees.
Referees must attest to your leadership capabilities (skills, knowledge, ability) as observed in your work environment. They must include: 

  • the individual to whom you currently report
  • a physician colleague 
  • an individual of your choosing who is in a position to comment on your leadership capabilities as related to the LEADS framework 

Pay the application/assessment fee

Credential route Application / assessment fee Applicable taxes* Total*
Both routes $1,050 $xxx $xxx

*Taxes and total amount will be determined automatically when you pay online.

AB/ BC/ MB/ NWT/ YT/ NU/ SK (5%) ON (13%) NB/ NL/ NS/PE (15%) QC (GST+QST)
$1050.00 + $52.50 = $1102.50 $1050.00 + $136.50 = $1186.50 $1050.00 + $157.50 = $1207.50 $1050.00 + $52.50 + $104.74 = $1207.24

In order to pay online you must have an active cma.ca account

Pay online (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX) or make cheques payable to the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders. 

Submit application package by October 31, 2017, complete with payment, to: 

CCPE Secretariat 

c/o Canadian Society of Physician leaders 

Suite 323-875 Carling Avenue 

Ottawa ON K1S 5P1 


613-369-8322 x 200

Each spring the cohort of successful CCPE recipients will assemble, celebrate and receive public recognition at the Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership, held in a major Canadian city.


Maintaining your certification is an integral part of the credential process and demonstrates your commitment to lifelong learning to your organization, peers and the health care community. Your CCPE credential is valid for five years. You will officially be notified of this requirement about nine months prior to the annual recertification expiration date of June 1. If at that time you decide not to renew your CCPE, please officially notify the CCPE Secretariat.

2018 Recertification Application Form

How to recertify

To renew your certification at the end of five years, you must:

  1. Maintain good standing and membership
    • physician in continuous good standing with applicable provincial licensing body
    • membership with the CMA and CSPL
  2. Participate in ongoing professional leadership development and education
    • Proof of a minimum 40 CPD leadership credits earned in the previous five years, plus attendance at a minimum one Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership. Unaccredited activities that support your leadership growth will be considered.
    • NOTE: While we encourage continued attendance at PLI courses, they are not a recertification requirement.
  3. Continue to accumulate leadership accomplishments
    • provide information on recertification application demonstrating that leadership capabilities continue to be met at the mastery level in the LEADS domains of “Develop coalitions” and “System transformation”.
  4. Provide letter of attestation
    • signed attestation is submitted by an individual (confidentially and independently) to whom the physician is accountable that verifies the CCPE’s self-reflection statement on personal leadership capabilities.
  5. Pay recertification application fee
    • $250 plus applicable taxes (on or before June 1 in year due); this administrative fee offsets review of your recertification application by a physician peer assessment panel: 
AB/ BC/ MB/ NWT/ YT/ NU/ SK (5%) ON (13%) NB/ NL/ NS/PE (15%) QC (GST+QST)
$250.00 + $12.50 = $262.50 $250.00 + $32.50 = $282.50 $250.00 + $37.50 = $287.50 $250.00 + $12.50 + $24.94 = $287.44

In order to pay online you must have an active cma.ca account

Credit card payments can be made online.

Cheques payable to CSPL are mailed to:

Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

CCPE Secretariat

Suite 323 – 875 Carling Avenue

Ottawa ON K1S 5P1

The recertification process

The CCPE Recertification Peer Assessment Panel will review your submission and determine whether or not the requirements for recertification have been met. You will be notified, in writing, of the outcome of the recertification application review.

If recertification application is approved – You may use the designation for an additional five years, assuming you remain an active member of both the CMA and CSPL. 

If recertification application is not approved – You will be contacted by the CCPE Secretariat. Failure to recertify (i.e. unpaid fees by June 1 or non-submission of recertification application) will be grounds for revoking CCPE designation.

Need more information?

Profiling a CCPE recipient

Sample referee assessment

Review guidelines

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the CCPE certification program?
  2. Who administers the CCPE?
  3. Who is eligible?
  4. What are the requirements?
  5. Which of the two credential routes should I choose to apply for CCPE?
  6. What are the fees?
  7. How do I recertify?
  8. What if I’m interested in leadership but not ready yet?

1. What is the CCPE certification program?

The CCPE credential is designed to assess and recognize physicians who demonstrate excellence in health care leadership.

The CCPE Peer Assessment Panel evaluates applicants using the leadership capabilities framework defined in LEADS in a Caring Environment to identify key capabilities and competencies (expressed as skills, abilities and knowledge) that health care and health system leaders should possess and consciously develop across five domains:

  • lead self
  • engage others
  • achieve results
  • develop coalitions
  • systems transformation

The value of the credential lies both in its acknowledgment of one’s leadership capabilities and as a benchmark for advancing physician leadership in Canada.

2. Who administers the CCPE?

The credential is a joint initiative of Joule and the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders.

3. Who is eligible?

The credential is aimed at senior- and executive-level physician leaders who seek validation of their expertise, have a passion for leadership and aspire to higher levels of leadership. Examples of suitable professional roles include:

  • president or CEO
  • chief of staff or chief medical officer
  • vice-president, medical affairs/medicine
  • vice-president, other
  • department head, chief of service
  • medical or program director
  • senior academic leader
  • college registrar
  • medical officer of health
  • assistant deputy or deputy minister
  • national health association CEO or VP

4. What are the requirements?

Applicants must be a member of both CMA and CSPL. They must also be members in good standing of the applicable provincial licensing body. Applicants require a minimum five to 10 years of senior or executive leadership experience, depending on the credential route chosen, and a list of significant leadership accomplishments and educational experience.

5. Which of the two credential routes should I choose to apply for CCPE?

  • PLI-academic route (replaces PMI-Academic route): Applicants have completed at least five Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) leadership development courses within the past five years, and have five years of senior or executive health care leadership experience, with a focus on the LEADS realms of Developing Coalitions and Systems Transformation, as well as a minimum 20 additional CPD credits from other accredited leadership activities, i.e. programs, further PLI physician leadership courses and/or accredited conferences. One-day PLI courses are valued at 0.5 of a course.
  • Practice eligibility route: Applicants are awarded the credential based on 10 or more years of progressive leadership in senior or executive positions. They must also have continuing educational achievements and documented evidence of leadership contributions that are significant and broad in scope.

The application process requires:

  • completed CCPE application form and required documentation, including curriculum vitae, job descriptions and organization chart
  • leadership self-assessment
  • three referees’ written assessment of your leadership capabilities; referees are to include the person to whom you currently report, a physician colleague, and a third referee of your choosing (someone in a position to comment on your leadership capabilities in the domains of “Develop Coalitions” and “Systems Transformation”.)

The referee assessments are treated as confidential, and are to be sent directly to the CCPE Secretariat.

The application will require one or two days to complete, and your referees will need three to four hours to complete their assessments. Once your application has been screened for completeness by the CCPE Secretariat, it will be peer assessed by the CCPE Peer Assessment Panel, a group of three recognized physician leaders appointed by Joule and CSPL.

6. What are the fees?

Both routes: $1,050.00 + applicable taxes. The deadline for application is October 31 in the year of application.

7. How do I recertify?

CCPE recipients are required to recertify after five years. They must provide an update on leadership experience, accomplishments and education acquired during the certification period. The recertification fee is $250 plus applicable taxes.

8. What if I’m interested in leadership but not ready yet?

Enroll in Joule’s Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) courses. These courses are all accredited for CPD credits and cover key leadership topics.

Still have questions?


613-369-8322 x 200

CCPE Secretariat

Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

Suite 323, 875 Carling Avenue

Ottawa, ON K1S 5P1