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You went to medical school to gain the clinical knowledge and skills to become a physician but what about management and leadership acumen? Learning on the job as you go can be frustrating. Whether you’re looking for non-clinical continuing professional development to help you build skills like communication, influence and negotiation, or for comprehensive leadership development, we’ve got you covered. 

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Continuing professional development

After medical school, it is common for a physician to encounter situations that could benefit from additional skills development. Joule offers continuing professional development solutions through its Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) courses as well as its Medical Assistance in Dying curriculum. To investigate which courses might best address your needs, please review our course listing or complete a short survey and we’ll help you pick. 

Leadership development

At Joule, we believe that by nature, physicians are leaders. Whether managing an operating room, a health team or sitting on a Board of Directors, leadership skills like influence, communication, and financial acumen are important indicators of success. Joule offers a full continuum of leadership development to help you stand out as a well-rounded leader. Want help getting started? Want to know what you should take next?

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PLI Courses

Leadership begins with self-awareness

Online: 15 Jan 2018 / 28 May 2018
CMA Member price: $1,800

Self-awareness is having a strong sense of self, and knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. More…

Leading change

Online: 12 Feb 2018 / 17 Sep 2018
CMA Member price: $1,800

Vancouver:  18-19 Apr 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100*

Change is relentless in health care and physicians are its natural leaders. This core* course will help you master the art and science of leading change, by teaching you how to develop strategies for motivating, implementing and sustaining it. More…

Leading high performance culture

Toronto: 25-26 Feb 2018
Ottawa: 13-14 Jun 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100

Paying attention to culture when leading change initiatives and implementing strategy is an often neglected yet critical aspect of leadership. More…

Conflict management and negotiation

Toronto:  27 Feb-1 Mar 2018
CMA Member price: $2,505

The stresses and pressures of today’s demanding medical workplaces can lead to conflicts at multiple levels. More…

Making patient-centered care a reality

Online: 19 Mar 2018 / 17 Sep 2018
CMA Member price: $1,800

While the phrase “patient-centred care” is used frequently in healthcare, there is a lot of confusion about what it is and is not. More…

Engaging others

Online: 16 Apr 2018 / 17 Sep 2018

CMA Member price: $1,800

Toronto: 21-23 Oct 2018

CMA Member price: $2,505

The ability to engage people — to make them care deeply about their work, commit to your organization’s goals and work together to achieve them — is crucial to your success as a leader. More...

Physician leadership focus

Vancouver: 18-19 Apr 2018
Toronto: 24-25 Oct 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100

Frustrated by distractions, demands and pressures? Recent research suggests that as leaders move into more senior positions, their hectic pace may contribute to greater stress, poorer focus, and reduced productivity. More…

Developing and leading system improvement

Vancouver: 18-19 Apr 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100* 

Quality has many dimensions. Safe, effective and patient-centric care are benchmarks by which we measure it. More…

Leading systems in healthcare

Vancouver: 18-19 Apr 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100*

Montreal: 26-27 Sep 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100

Physicians are forced to act as experts – not only because of their training, but also because the structure and culture of the health system force them into that expert role. More…

Managing disruptive behaviour

Vancouver: 18-19 Apr 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100*

The Canadian Medical Protective Association defines disruptive behaviour as inappropriate conduct on behalf of a physician with the potential to interfere with the delivery of quality health care. More…

Crucial Conversations© – a VitalSmarts© product

Vancouver: 18-19 Apr 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100*

Whether you’re leading an organization or championing an issue, when the stakes are high, different opinions and strong emotions can derail your efforts to achieve the best outcome. More…

Navigating your career

Online: 28 May 2018 / 22 Oct 2018
CMA Member price: $1,800  

Career development is an essential skill for all physicians. Understanding your aspirations, the opportunities available and the skills you need to reach your goals will help you establish a clear vision of your career path. More…

Leadership for medical women

Ottawa: 11-12 Jun 2018
CMA Member price: $2,100

As the number of female physicians grows, more and more women have the opportunity to take on leadership positions and to have a greater influence on health care. More…

Self-awareness and effective leadership

Montreal: 23-25 Sep 2018
CMA Member price: $2,505

Self-awareness is having a strong sense of self, and knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. More…

Dollars and sense

Online: 22 Oct 2018
CMA Member price: $1,800

The reality of today’s health care system is a constant struggle between cost and care — and physicians are increasingly the ones striving to balance the two. More…

The above face-to-face and online PLI courses are also available in-house. In addition, there are other courses exclusively available in-house. Check them out today.

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