2019 Joule Innovation grant categories

Access to care grants
2 grants: $100,000 & $20,000

These grants support CMA member-led initiatives that focus on innovative solutions that improve access to health care for all Canadians. For marginalized populations―as well as for those living in rural or remote communities― access to equitable, timely and quality care is especially challenging. As such, an initiative’s merit may be strengthened if it addresses one or more of the following cross-cutting areas:
Marginalized populations:
those who face increased challenges in obtaining equitable access to health care services.
Rural and remote populations:
those who have limited or difficulty accessing resources and services for all or part of the year.

These initiatives should consider the patient experience as well as the planning and delivery of care for communities and individuals facing serious financial, logistical, technical, and human resource challenges.

Initiatives may include a product, service, process or model of care.

Health care solution grants
2 grants: $40,000 & $20,000

These grants support initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality, safety, efficiency, and health outcomes for patients, while at the same time reducing overall costs within the Canadian health care system.
These CMA member-led initiatives improve processes and/or outcomes related to:
  • the delivery of care;
  • the quality and safety of care; and/or
  • administrative efficiency.

Initiatives may include a product, service, process or model of care.

Emerging physician innovator grants
4 grants: $5,000

  • Student grants (2x $5,000)
  • Resident grants (2 x $5000)
Grants for medical students and residents representing the future of medicine in Canada. These grants will help support the ideas of medical learners and residents who are looking to increase or improve access to care or create health care solutions that will provide better outcomes for patients. 


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